Basement Water Proofing, Concrete Wall Crack Repair Using CrackShot-150

Advanced Insulation and Fabrications is using a revolutionary hydrophilic polyurethane product that is the most effective concrete wall crack repair method available in the market today.  If you don't have basement waterproofing we can help.

Basement wall cracks generally get worse over time and are usually caused by concrete shrinkages due to minor contraction and soil settlement. With our professional well-trained crew those annoying water puddles, stuffy air and hazardous moulds in your basement, and other problem areas will be a thing of the past.

With CrackShot-150, repair is done in less time, with little disruption and less cost compared to other methods and other products available out there. CrackShot-150 is a proudly Australian-made product under ISO 9001 and has proven its high quality performance for many years and countless projects.

CrackShot-150 stops leaking water through walls below ground like Car Parks, Basement, Tunnels, Retaining Walls, Dam Walls, and Other sites.

Concrete Wall Crack Repair

Using CrackShot-150 has made concrete wall crack repair much easier. The system is actually very simple and works well with leaky wet surfaces. The compound is actually designed to chemically react with water then expand to reach all the cracks and then quickly dries up to permanently plug the leaks.

The process involves drilling several holes at an angle into the concrete that intersects with the crack. A “Packer” is then inserted and tightens into the hole. “Packers” generally help the resin to be pushed into the crack and prevents it from flowing back out.

CrackShot-150 is pumped into the packer where it penetrates deep into the concrete and quickly expands to stop all leaks and quickly dries up.

CrackShot-150 Properties

  • Easy to Use
  • MDI – Safer than TDI
  • Low Viscosity
  • Stable and Flexible
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Reacts well with water/ including sea water
  • Quick drying/ Low shrinkage

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