Insulation Covers And Efficiency

​Insulation covers are an essential part of the heating equipment. They are either designed for the entire piping system or for energy efficiency valves. High energy efficiency is achieved irrespective of the size of the valves or the pipes, and temperature of the fluid. The materials the covers are made from reduce heat loss. Apart from heat loss, valve and pipe insulation jackets protect personnel from burns caused by high equipment temperatures.

pipe insulation jacket

Not any material can be used to manufacture the insulation covers. The jackets we use and recommend are made from glass cloth coated with grey silicone which is well known for its superb insulation characteristics. Ductwrap is also used as a filler.

Environ Industries have developed a wide range of insulation covers for pipework, valves, and flanges. The covers meet all the set standards and have all the certifications required.

pipe insulation jackets

​These insulation jackets are easy to fit and remove from the piping, flanges, and valves. The velcro, draw strings, and hooks attached to the jackets are installed for this purpose. You may be worried that the straps may come off anytime. Not at all. They are well fitted to last the lifetime of the jackets unless you use excessive force to remove or fit them.

Custom Insulation Jacket Sizes

If you require a custom insulation jacket, this is not a problem. These jackets are manufactured from glass cloth coated with silicone and are firefly thread with and 50 mm thick mineral wool. The insulation can cope from 50c through to 900c.

Velcro and draw cords are the primary fasteners making it easy to install. They are the best alternative for the conventional boxes. The traditional insulation boxes are expensive, easily damaged, last for a few years, and require specialists to install and remove.


Insulation covers reduces heat loss, improves safety, and reduce carbon emissions. The cold conditions may result in massive energy losses if the equipment isn’t insulated. This can impact and raise the energy consumption.

For further information either contact us or Environ Industries.