Metal Cladding and Insulation for Very Low Temp Refrigeration System Project for Milmeq Engineering and Stanbroke Beef

Advanced Insulation and Metal Fabrications has proven once more its continued commitment as one of the leading commercial and industrial insulation contractors in the Queensland and NSW areas.

This time our company provided Milmeq Engineering, an international company based in New Zealand, with high grade quality work in its project at Stanbroke Beef in Gatton.

Advanced Insulation & Fabrications provided Milmeq Engineering the highly specialised service of metal cladding and polyurethane injection insulation for Stanbroke Beef’s very low temperature refrigeration system.

Together with Milmeq’s in-house design, engineering, and manufacturing we were able to produce and install a new refrigeration system with the latest freezing technology to help Stanbroke Beef improve its operations.

Milmeq Engineering is known to produce and deliver specialist capital plant equipment to food processing operations and for all kinds of needs for food processors and manufacturers around the world.

Stanbroke Beef is a family owned and operated business boasting of the largest integrated beef business in the world. It is Australia’s finest beef and leading fresh frozen beef producer, packer and exporter around the world.

The Metal Cladding and Installation Job

Stanbroke Beef recently upgraded its refrigeration plant / abattoir with Milmeq Engineering bringing in a new compressor, pressure vessel, tanks and pipes that runs to temperatures as low as -40 C.

This is where Advanced Insulation & Fabrications comes in. Our many years of international and specialist experience in industrial insulation of refrigerant systems helped us provide attention and detail to this major job for Stanbroke Beef.

We were awarded the major project after tendering at Milmeq Engineering, offering our specialised services for cladding and insulation techniques for the whole upgraded cooling system

The Process for the Metal Cladding and Insulation

Advanced Insulation and Metal Fabrications provides all kinds of metal cladding and insulation techniques to our clients.

In this project for Stanbroke Beef we used aluminium stucco to clad the pipes and large pressure vessel.

This allowed us to create a sturdy cavity around the pipes so the polyurethane expanding material can be injected to fill the cavity for thorough and complete insulation around the pipes.

Building Period

It only took 6 weeks to finish this major Stanbroke Beef project.

We had 2 - 6 people working at various times.


Our experienced team with our mobile workshop for commercial and industrial insulation services provided onsite installation for the client to save time and money. Our versatility allowed us to provide updates to the client real time, with the work done quickly and with initiative.

Advanced Insulation & Fabrications is committed to delivering on schedule, within the budget, and to last a long time.

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