Trouser Leg Chute Design and Installation Case Study

Unique and Complicated Chute Design Development

Unique and Complicated Chute Design Development Our client required some ingenuity and creativity for their project at a water treatment plant, with a new section of duct required to merge two existing ducts. As no suitable design existed, we developed the unique trouser leg chute configuration and fabricated it locally, at our workshop. The industrial chute design we developed included two 90 degree bends and utilised sixteen pieces of steel. The chute needed to be air and water-tight to prevent hazardous gas leakage and only hand tools were allowed on site for installation.

Challenges and Obstacles

The challenges with this contract were many and varied however we thrive on complex design and fabrication that many others would call insurmountable.

  • There were many designs that were close, but none exactly fitted the client’s exact specifications for joining their sections of duct together. So we developed our trouser leg chute design to fill a need not previously met.
  • Logistics presented a challenge in this project. Due to the site and size restrictions the chute was unable to be constructed on site, which in turn meant this custom sheet metal fabrication job was completed at our workshop and then transported in pieces for final assembly.
  • Scale was another obstacle. Sixteen sheets of 2400mm x 1200mm 0.7 gal steel were required to complete this chute fabrication. This trouser leg chute measured 1200mm in diameter and 3800mm in circumference once completed.
  • Hazardous fumes at the site restricted the equipment permitted to the complete the installation. The ultimate impediment being power tools were not permitted on site.


This commission may have seemed difficult or even impossible to many other workshops, but not to us. In just four days our workshop staff completed the concept and construction of our unique design, then installed the trouser leg chute to the client’s specifications on site.

Our client had a specific need not fulfilled with other chute designs available. We began our task by designing a shape which brought together the sections of existing duct with strength and integrity, while also meeting the client’s criteria.

Next, using sixteen pieces of 0.7 gal steel, the sheet metal was moulded to shape and the pieces assembled in our workshop to ensure snug-fitting accuracy. The trouser leg shape was born. The joins were then swaged together to create a join impervious to gas and liquid transfer. The end result spanned a circumference of 3800mm and diameter of 1200mm – Just when it seemed the brief was achieved, the whole project needed to be disassembled to transport it to the client’s work site. With rivet gun in hand, we assembled the pieces at the water treatment plant, and our trouser leg chute was complete.

We delivered the required join to the existing duct on time and on budget with minimal disturbance to the client’s normal operation.

So when you have a large, complicated or unique sheet metal fabrication job, contact our friendly staff for a fast outcome, tailored to your needs.