Broad Construction has been appointed by the Queensland Government to construct the Kingaroy Hospital redevelopment, located approximately 220km from Brisbane’s CBD.

Works will include the construction of a new, two-level hospital, with the relocation of services and patients. This will be followed by demolition and refurbishment to create the entrance, reception, café, cardiac rehabilitation gym and outpatients’ unit.

Broad Construction is the principal contractor and Advanced Insulation was contracted by AG Coombs Pty Ltd to carry out the following works.

The works include insulation on the chilled and low-pressure hot water system, new central energy plant, and all supply and return air ductwork.

Key Points

Chilled water pipework insulation
Approximately 5,000sq metres of external duct insulation
Metal sheathing using cottage green cladding in the CEP & galvanized the internal plant rooms
Passive fire through fire penetrations between levels and through walls
Acoustic insulation to the FCUs & fans on floors

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