Advanced Installation and Fabrication is a leading commercial insulation service contractor that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 in delivering high quality and cost-effective solutions across the comprehensive range of commercial insulation applications.

Our crew are experts in combining detail-oriented craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality commercial grade work that is fit to the individual requirements of clients. We work consistently in the preparation of designs and estimates as well as offering a more personalised interface for our various clients to keep them updated in the entire process until it is done within the project timeline. Follow up servicing, on-going maintenance and 24/7 emergency call-outs are also part of our wide range of services.

We also put great emphasis in protecting the environment in heeding the call towards corporate and industry responsibility. 

All commercial insulation capabilities and services we offer our clients are the safest, most efficient and environmentally responsible insulation systems available in the market today. 

But we don’t just stop there. We take pride in having active involvement in the development of cleaner and more efficient advanced technologies so we can continue providing excellent customer service and workmanship to our clients.


Benefits of Commercial Insulation:

Energy conservation

Insulation systems that are properly designed and installed minimise heat loss or gain, conserving energy in the process.

Surface temperature control

Through insulation, the surface temperature of any equipment or piping material is reduced to a safer level, leading to worker injury prevention and increased safety at the workplace.

Condensation prevention

Minimising corrosion on cold piping, ducts, chillers and roof drains is possible through sufficient and properly manager insulation. The right insulation thickness is critical to the reduction of energy consumption and overall system performance.

Damage prevention to equipment

When fibreglass, rock or slag wool insulation is combined with other high-quality materials, it minimises the occurrence of fire and other types of damage to grease- and air-duct fireproofing systems, fire-stop systems, as well as electrical and communications, conduit and cable systems.

Sound barrier

Whether it is standard or special insulation, it can be used to control noise from any source. Insulation in walls and ceilings ensures there is a barrier between the source and the surrounding area.

Commercial projects

Kingaroy Hospital

Kingaroy Hospital

The Project Broad Construction has been appointed by the Queensland Government to construct the Kingaroy Hospital redevelopment which is located approximately 220km from Brisbane’s CBD.

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